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Royal Templar Band



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The Royal Templar Band sterling silver natural ruby/sapphire approximately 1,0 carats  ancient antique patina finish

8 millimeter wide, 2.7mm high

The Royal Templar band, is a stunning piece of jewelry crafted from sterling silver. This band features a natural ruby or sapphire, approximately 1.0 carats, set in a unique antique patina finish. With a width of 8 millimeters and a height of 2.7 millimeters, this band is the perfect combination of style and durability. Plus, with a comfort fit design, you can wear it all day without any discomfort. Choose your preferred color stone and size for a truly personalized piece.

The Templar band is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it is also steeped in history. The name “Templar” refers to the Knights Templar, a powerful military order in the Middle Ages. The Knights Templar were known for their bravery and their dedication to protecting the Holy Land and its sacred sites. They were also known for their lavish and ornate attire, including jewelry made from precious metals and stones.

This Templar band, with its antique patina finish and natural ruby or sapphire, captures the spirit of these historic knights. Wear it as a tribute to their legacy, or simply as a stunning and unique piece of jewelry. Either way, this band is sure to be a conversation starter and a treasured addition to any collection.

Royal Templar Band

Ring Size US/UK/EU

US 5 – UK J1/2 – EU 49, US 5.5 – UK K 1/2, US 6 – UK L 1/2 – EU 52, US 6.5 – UK M 1/2 – EU 53, US 7 – UK N 1/2 – EU 54, US 7.5 – UK O 1/2, US 8 – UK P 1/2 – EU 57, US 8.5 – UK Q 1/2 – EU 58, US 9 – UK R 1/2, US 9.5 – UK S 1/2 – EU 61, US 10 – UK T 1/2 – EU 62, US 10.5 – UK U 1/2 – EU 63, US 11 – UK V 1/2, US 11.5 – UK W 1/2 – EU 66, US 12 – UK X 1/2 – EU 67

Stone Color

Ruby, Sapphire

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