Meaning and
power united
into one necklace


Jewelry that
tells an ever
lasting story.


the mysteries
of history


Our most
recent jewelry.

Our Vision

Our approach.

Documenting history

When we design jewelry, we study the piece to the smallest detail, review a lot of research and references, to present you with a unique piece with a history...

Adding a historical touch to the present.

When you wear a piece of jewelry bearing a date, we commemorate the memory of our ancestors, the memory of our glorious history written by the mightiest knights of all time.

Carrying moral value to our jewelry.

Be unique, make the world feel different from others, make change and be the link between the past and the future, feel proud, because you are different.



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We’re at Sal Knight a team of creative Jewelers who are excited about unique ideas and help people to create amazing identity by crafting top-notch Jewelry.
All of our jewelry designs are made by Sal Knight.