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Sal Knight Jewelry

About us

The Brand Based in NYC, our brand stands at the intersection of history and modernity, where timeless designs meet contemporary craftsmanship. Inspired by the grandeur of the Renaissance, our collections embody harmony, proportion, and balance, brought to life through attention to detail and a deep reverence for the past. We pride ourselves on in-house production in New York City, ensuring that every item reflects our commitment to the finest quality. From the rich hues of our gemstones to the intricate details of our handcrafted 18 karat gold and silver pieces, our collections are a celebration of luxury and elegance.

The Founder

The heart of our brand is our founder, Sal Knight, a multifaceted artist, inventor, and entrepreneur. With a passion that ignited at the age of 15, his journey in jewelry making began as a hobby and blossomed into a vocation fueled by creativity and innovation. His artistic flair is not limited to jewelry; he is also accomplished in painting and sculpture, infusing his diverse artistic skills into each jewelry design. His presence extends beyond the atelier, reaching out to the world through various social media platforms, where he shares his creative process and the stories behind his unique designs. His reputation as a five-star seller for eleven years on Etsy speaks volumes about his dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. This blend of artistic vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and social media savvy makes Sal Knight not just a creator of jewelry, but a modern-day storyteller, sharing his passion and artistry with a global audience.
Many of our designs are a tribute to the Renaissance — a period renowned for harmony, proportion and balance. Every piece we craft tells a unique story, deeply rooted in history yet brought to life with contemporary craftsmanship.
An Artist's Touch More than just a jeweler, our founder embodies the soul of an artist. Fueled by a passion for painting and sculpture, Sal Knight finds inspiration in the interplay of form and function across various creative disciplines. This artistic vision transforms each piece of jewelry into a standalone work of art, where meticulous craftsmanship meets inspired design.

Jewels of the World, Global Inspirations, Timeless Creations
Our unique jewelry reflects a life lived across three continents, each with its own historical and philosophical richness. This global perspective brings a multi-dimensional approach to our designs, making them timeless, exquisite, and unforgettable.

The Selective Artisan
With over a quarter-century of experience, our designer’s approach is both multi-colored and multi-dimensional. Each design is a selective masterpiece, sometimes years in the making, ensuring only the most distinctive pieces make it to your collection.

Discover Our Exclusive Ranges
18 Karat Gold Collection:
Handcrafted elegance with a light antique patina finish.

Silver Collection:
Time-honored classics reimagined in silver.

Unbroken Seal Collection:
Bracelets inspired by the legendary treasure of King Tutankhamen, symbolizing 3,245 years of unbroken history and luxury.


Our Team

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I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now.

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